Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The extremely narcissistic post

Through the years, social media paved the way for people to collect a handful of photos to put on it as their profile pictures. It serves as a badge, the first thing that others would see and look for when visiting their page. I suddenly had a funny urge to reflect on a couple of mine and I had a hell of a time laughing at how narcissistic I really am.

Be warned. This is my extremely...

Here are a few of what I've posted since 2009.

2009 was the year when I got hit by a motorcycle and depression, about not being able to do stuff that I normally could, set in. But that didn't stop me, after just 4 months of trying to get back on my feet, I did a lot of things I myself didn't think I'd be able to do.

I find it amusing browsing through people's profile pictures, starting from the very first one they've posted. It shows you a quick glance at how they spent their lives, what they've experienced, and how they want to show the world about who they are. 2010 proved to be such a great year because I've made friends with a bunch of awesome people from Tumblr. We hung out, got drunk, did things. We made ourselves great

HIV became a great part of who I was to become. Because of this great opportunity that was given to me, I can proudly say that I am one of those few who have found what I wanted to do in life at such an early age.

2012, they year the just past, was a blessing in more way than I could possibly describe. A painful heartache that helped me grow as a person was the turning point of it all. From there, I became stronger, pursuing my dreams and achieving most of them, learning that disappointment is just a way for you to mature, and knowing that love only comes when you discover how to love yourself first.

So those are my photos. If you've got a lot of time in your hands, why not visit the profile photo album of your friends? Who knows, you might find out something new about them.

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