Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Something New

Isn't it quite wonderful feeling having found new things? You go about your semi-retarded lifestyle of being the grunt who lives day to day, and without so much of a warning life throws you into a kaleidoscope existence where everything suddenly is in every shade of the rainbow.

Life is now colorful.

I've been blessed enough to experience these the past month since my last post. I've met and became close to new group whom I believe are a few of the best people one would be privileged enough to call friends. We've been hanging out a lot lately, and by the will of the powers that be, I hope that doesn't change.

Our trip to Tagaytay

The days have been quite blessed as well ever since I've been able to practice tarot reading as well. People have been responding well since I tell them upfront that I am not predicting their future. I am simply presenting them their life in an objective point of view, others call it a chance pick of the card (which is technically correct), I call it something else. Nothing beats having the person react so positively to my reading, telling me how much I've hit the spot right on.

Doing a reading at Route196

Next on the list of new things that I came across are the trainings that I facilitate for work. See, I now work at AIDS Society of the Philippines. It's a great office 'cause not only to I get to work a job I actually believe in, and the hours are humane, I also get to help a lot of people via the advocacy.

I love the fact that I get to go on mini-office trips and get to be out of the house once in a while to check-in at hotels. I am such a flighty person, I never seem to stay in one place for a length of time, however short it is.

Also, I've been proving my worth to the office staff as well as the board by going beyond my responsibilities and taking on tasks that I know I can help out on. Opinions that I share are so welcomed that I now can't seem to stop sharing my thoughts, they don't seem to mind. It's a great feeling to be appreciated for what you've got to say.

And now a new endeavor on life and love. I've been brought down by a lot of disappointing situations recently that I started to doubt myself on whether or not there's something wrong with me that people can't take me seriously. Friends have been telling me that I need a change, and something they advised me to do made it's mark. I'll be putting those words into action and I'll see where it'll take me. This is a new Gelo, a 2.0 version if you will.

A lot of things, don't you say? So here's to a deep breath, taking it all in, and living life as it should be lived.

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