Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Services not provided

Fighting the good fight, unfortunately, doesn't only mean breaking the wall of stereotypes and backward cultural foundations to help bring in change. It doesn't always mean that you always have to be on the streets, bearing placards and shouting chants to oust a corrupt regime. Some of the time it also means trying to work with people that bring with them short comings and political agendas.

Ever since I've entered AIDS Society of the Philippines, I've been teased by my boss, as well as my officemates, regarding the stress that I would encounter when I get situated. Most of it, according to them, would come from the people we work with. At first I didn't get it, but in time, I finally did.

It saddens me to know that a lot of the services that should have been delivered (such as trainings for the people who care for HIV positive patients, or for the people testing for HIV, etc) are delayed and not given 'cause there are people within our partner government office (three guesses which one) who are inefficient (I seriously want to use incompetent). This in turn, makes my life difficult but the only end result that I cannot tolerate is the fact that we can't do our work well.

People can't get the services entitled to them.

Ok, so my supposedly object post ended up as a rant, but at least I got my 2 cents worth out there.

Fact: Our government and the system of governance and service provision is without the proper check and balance. Sad, but true. When will this ever change?

Fighting the good fight, getting shot continuously in the process. Braving on despite the gaping wounds.

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