Saturday, May 22, 2010

Three New Things

So here's an update on me while I ride the tough times of trying to get over someone.

I've enrolled for french classes (Yehey me!). It's one of the things I've been looking forward to this month, and yes I will finally take lessons. I found out about it through a friend (Thanks Marbs), and I researched Alliance Francaise. Tuition was a bit on the expensive side, and travel would be hard but I'm willing to push this through.

And so I went there with my friend Vince, who was supposed to enroll with me (You owe me on that one), despite the scorching heat of the seat and discovered a way how to get there. With a 7-11 Slurpee on one hand, and my excited throbbing heart on the other, we walked Nicanor Garcia St. and hoped that we wouldn't get lost. When we got there, the exterior of the building itself was uber cool, but nothing compared to the inside.

White everything, Caucasian people, TV MONDE on the widescreen and an awesome interior design welcomed us as we got in. And from there, I enrolled and everything was history.

So now, I have classes that will start on June 5th. I'm a member of their something (I really didn't know what the name of the club was but I joined because of the library privileges and the tuition discount.) Also, I figured out a few tricks on how to get around Makati without resorting to taking a cab.

Also, I've gone bald.

No, not because I'm losing my hair, or my receding hairline has finally done me its worst. I've decided to cut my hair, leaving only 1 centimeter length to lay testament that I did have hair before.

Why, you ask?

Primarily because of the heat. It's been so hot here in the Philippines that the temperature rises up to 37.5 Celsius. This overstaying heat wave has done so much damaged to the country but as always, just like what I did, people found means to live through it. Yes climate change is real.

The other reason for it though is this is me trying to get rid of my past. Well not totally get rid of it, but maybe give myself a fresh start. Yes, that's it. I've always have had to go through rough patches in life that I don't allow myself to always be the martyr of life. I've always roughed it out and I've always found ways to keep myself happy and changing, constant change is the key. At least now, despite every single problem and heartache, I'm adapting.

Last, I guess would be that I'm still a bit better at being a nurse.

Yes I know, I'm still a volunteer and I don't carry most of the responsibilities yet, but I'm still all ready to take the challenge of everyday work on. I've been so used to it that it's almost second nature to me. I'm dreading the day that I finally become a floater though. Because that time, I wouldn't have any free time as much as I do now.

So I guess that's it. I'm all good. That's the end of my mental diarrhea about myself.

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