Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ramblings before Easter

I have Girl on TV playing as I follow the trail that is left for me by the minutes, typing, wishing for a yawn. ‘Hopeless,’ I smirk and shrug my shoulders. There isn’t much to be gained if I really think I could reap inspiration from staring at my small table drawer. It’s still interesting to stare at its design that looks like a map made during the 1800s.

I decided to write, but there wasn’t really anything to write about. I’ve gone through different ideas like writing for work, or maybe updating people about what’s been happening in my personal life. When it comes to laying down into words the activities that fire through my neurons, there always seems to be a very distant chance that anything would be written beyond a hundred words, or even anything started at all.

But I love writing. I love sharing in general, but there’s something about having people pick through who you are, at that moment, in a way where you can steer them by your mere choice of words. You paint the picture in colors based on how dark or how light you treat it, heavy or easygoing, anything goes. There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing that you have lived, in their thoughts, more so if you’ve written it in such a compelling manner. It makes you more alive.

So I jump from a childhood boy band favorite, to this Asian YouTuber, David Choi, moods shift from nostalgia to propitious, in terms of love, since he has his way with those things. Music, his way is through wonderful music. And the lyrics, he sweeps the online community through his music and lyrics.

Isn’t it crazy, the way writing goes? Everything you put in there is in a way affected by the very sentiment of your environment. At least, it’s like that for me. My focus is as volatile as this country’s current summer of 2013. It’s fucking hot one minute, then all you know it’s as if God decided to pull another Great Flood under our noses. Now, I’m trying my best to induce some creativity with handpicked background groove, dim lighting, and my stand fan on a reliable 1st option speed. Working so far coz I’m on my fifth paragraph.

Come to think of it, there isn’t much to say. We reflect ourselves, what we feel as of this moment, on this platform that reaches hundreds, in pursuit of connection. We try and fortify these bridges we’ve got, capital on relationships, wanting to earn gains in form of attention. For me, nothing wrong with wanting to be noticed, it’s all about controlling wanting too much.

Okay, so I’m really not making any sense with this anymore. But there you go, something written.  

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