Tuesday, January 04, 2011

From here to there

I was really pissed last night for a couple of things that happened.

So, as most of you guys would have noticed, I have been playing dress-up since yesterday. Documented c/o my beautiful pink Canon Powershot (except the last photo). Let's just say that I'm using it as an escape from some of the things that took my patience and used it as doormat.

Wonderful, I might say, the things that came from being frustrated.

I am sure that this wouldn't last since I don't know much about fashion. All I do is try and emulate the feel of the things that I see here on tumblr (I'm actually just a shirt and jeans kinda guy).

So, I guess what I got out of the sucky things in life, added up to my fashion sense (I hope). I guess this'd be a salute to davidguison, marklim, metrosexualisto, junkyardkid, elephantonadiet and all of those other blogs who bombard my eyes with clothes and stuff.

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