Friday, December 31, 2010

No to dolphin shows!

I've been involved recently with the protection of the rights of dolphins. When I and some of the tumblr people got wind of the street painting of dolphins by Sir A.G. Sano (click this link for Kath's post), we immediately jumped on the opportunity to help. And help we did, much to our enjoyment, we made a mural that has an impact both on the community and to nature.

I took one step further this afternoon and decided to join a protest that pleads against the continuation of the "Angels of the Sea" dolphin performance show, which is nothing but pure cruelty to animals.

I got the info, the day prior, via Dolphin Loves Freedom's FB then confirmed the details.

At around 2pm, I was getting worried why no one was there when it was, in fact, the time that was set for us to assemble outside the show. But since, I had iron-clad guts, I approached 2 women who seemed to be waiting for people as well. Luckily, there were indeed from PAWS.

2:30 - Everyone walked towards the entrance. All had put on their shirts, their dolphin hats, and put out the protest tarps. Then flyers were given to people passing by.

2:45 - Araneta security and a handful of the PNP came. During this time, I had a nagging feeling at the back of my mind that we would be roughed up or something. But I braved through that fear, all for the cause. (We were told that around this time that some of us who went in earlier started their protest inside the show itself. Yes we managed to penetrate the show itself and had our protest heard and covered by GMA News.)

2:50 - Then the guys inside were escorted out, and the protest continued in front of the bustling pre-new year traffic of Araneta Center. There were approximately 40 People (Including volunteers from PAWS, Earth Island Institute,Dolphins Love Freedom Network and Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines)

"Ang Dolphin sa isang dolphin show ay hindi masaya."

"Marami tayong ibang source ng kaligayahan, huwag na natin idamay ang mga dolphins."

Unknown to most, these are the hard facts about dolphin shows.

  • There are high levels of chlorine within the pools that the dolphins stay in to clean out the water, which in turn may cause the thinning of the lining of the eyes of the dolphins. This may lead to blindness.

  • Dolphins wound themselves with the repetition of all the tricks, for every single day they perform. The unfriendly conditions of the water aggravates these wounds.

  • Dolphins are starved for them to be forced to perform the tricks.

  • The pool itself is too small (18 meters in diameter) for the the dolphins, whose physiology are built for the open seas.

These are just some of the things that people should keep in mind when they hear of dolphin shows.

So, for the remaining days stay of the show, I urge you, tumblr people to think twice before watching this injustice to our brothers from the sea. Just spend the remainder of 2010 with family.

Dolphins love freedom.

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