Thursday, August 19, 2010

Of Writing Long Hand And Of Me

I don't quite remember myself writing any of my works using a pen and a paper. I find it very tedious and I rarely finish what I start. I guess being born in the age where computers run almost anything can fervently mold ones way of life.

So while watching Vampire Diaries (Don't judge me, I'm a 90's child. An era where habitually climbing into a neighbor's window was romantic, people made romantic comedies or "romcoms" a fad, and where vampires were as good looking as Antonio Banderas, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise), I realized, that whenever I blog, I always find myself in front of the lappy, the desktop or my iPod. If I so much as lift a finger and plan to write, a sensation envelopes me and bears down on all of my creative juices, draining them all out of my body. Whenever I write (actually the term I should start using is type), I want it done on a keyboard. The pen industry, I think should start re-assessing their business strategies. One has e-notebooks to write on anyways, and those can recognize someone's handwriting.

But yeah, I still write. I still have a pen with me, always. I'm a nurse, so I have a 4 color pen on hand, everyday. It's part of my work. But writing for personal reasons, I no longer do. I type, that's who I am.

As for me, I think I started getting the hang of being a nurse. I still have a lot of improvement to do, like serious improvements, but I think I've caught on the things that would help me get by through the day. This is just saying that my day was uneventful and nothing serious has happened or has to be done for my patient. A routine duty would be fine for me, thank you.

But this has one major consequence, I miss hanging out with my friends. I'm a people person. I love hanging out, meeting friends, talking. That's why, at times, I feel so frustrated that I can't get a life outside work and home. To the point of me just being totally disconnected, I hardly go home in a good mood. But all is well, I'll get through this, like what I've always done when hardships come to pass.

At least I know, I have my work, my tumblr, my facebook games, and my blog to keep me sane throughout this trying times. This phase wouldn't be forever, and I know it will pave the way to my professional success. Hahaha! Too melodramatic.

Kill me to end my cheesiness!


Fickle Cattle said...

I'm a writer, and I hate working with pen and paper. (Sometimes I take notes, that's it). And I hate typewriters. (Clunky and heavy). I've always adored computers.

angelo R.N. said...

I am fascinated by typewriters but I think the fascination is just what it is, the intrigue of something old. So yeah, computer it is.