Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So many things are to change this coming July.

So my mom's coming back home from the states. After months of working there, unfortunately, we weren't able to save up money since I don't have a job. I'm still doing my volunteer work and doing a few designing stints here and there.

Another thing, my volunteer contract is to end this July, so I have to wait for the hospital to call me when I'll be able to work for them as a floater.

Here's the thing, we're kinda in a rut financially (that's nothing new) so I think I'll have to find a job just to be able to help around the house while my mom finds new work when she gets home.

As of now, there are options, and the last of the list would be being a floater in WCMC.

But here's to hoping things would be better. It sure would be nice to have me and my mom's plans come to life.

I just need to have patience and stay solid with my practicality.

Wish me luck.

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