Friday, October 23, 2009

a blog for 2009

this is me for 2009.

i quit my HIGH paying call center job on february to get the opportunity to PAY a hospital for me to train and work there. i miss my friends there. i miss the financial freedom from my mom (and the fact that i'm able to help around the house). but i don't miss the hours and the dissatisfaction of working with no professional growth (since i'm a nurse).

my feb batch training in a hospital. i got through the first month of lecture and 2 days of hospital rotation. i made new friends, enjoyed experiencing being a nurse for the first time... then the accident.

i was sent to two ERs, got admitted twice and underwent surgery twice as well. my left leg is now officially not just made up of marrow but titanium too! i lost around half a year of my life to that misfortune. thank God for facebook! at the very least i got to give booster shots to my digital designing and mustered up the balls to post videos of myself on youtube and FB.

recuperating. i tried my chances with love for a couple of times. but alas, to no avail.

so for a couple of months i worked for an non-government organization. i got to express my principles in terms of how i view things in life, and i got to work and meet wonderful people. and i love the fact that they kept me well fed. (smirk smirk)

and now, i'm back to being a nurse. i'm continuing the training that was cut off and so far i'm having the time of my life.

as how it has always been, life is hard, but i'm doing the best that i can. i'm nothing if not patient, i've been taught well. i guess i've got to ride my completely erratic days of ups and downs. as most of my friends know, i'm a person of the extremes.

as the year draws to an end, i pray for fulfillment in anyway. i have no need for more than i deserve but i just wish to be happy, and with that i think i can get by. i'm sure anyone would.

here's to october, with hopes to a very happy november. (akin nalang kung bakit)

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