Wednesday, August 12, 2009

how long

ive always made people smile
forget their worries even for a while
i got them their wings
and flew them away
far far away

when they cry of pain
of love and how the hurt remain
i set my shoulder and let water
flow away
far far away

but when i try to write
my story
set my heart ready
why is there no one to cry about
no one to wish return
no one to hold on to
no one there

when bright and sunny yellow
turns blue and endless sorrow
i paint the world silly
far away from pain
far far away


how can no one see
that there is so much more to me
i am more than comforting words, that shoulder and that face. i am
more than you know and
i am more than
even i can explain

- thoughts on how someone would feel after being rejected or after
being unseen for so long

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Astig no?

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