Wednesday, May 06, 2009

of courage and boredom

well i guess both can make you do things that isn't really the thing that you would ever do.

courage, well that was well used when i went out (for fun, i love x-men origins: wolverine!) for the first time with my mom. it took lots of guts for me to go around the mall (gateway) in crutches and i can pretty much say that i did it quite well. it was fun watching people watching me. it was like as if i was a fish inside an aquarium or something (and i didn't even need courage to get through that).

i thought escalators would pretty much be the hill that i had to overcome, but what the... i didn't even break a sweat.

as for boredom, well, i proudly say that i manage to get through recording a video of me singing in facebook (message me and i'll add you up, let's mafia baby!) because a friend of mine wouldn't stop pressuring me into making one just like she did (ok, ok, that's an excuse. i pretty much did the video for me). but hey, i got it done and i feel good about atleast 2 out of 3. the other one was a bit of a disappointment, but who cares.

so, of courage and boredom in the midst of trying times (having my accident and all), productivity is the only way to go! wohoo me!

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