Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the inverted bed

my feet are now placed on the pillows at the head part of my mom's bed. and that's not even half of it. my mom's bed is now in the living room as we had to make certain arrangements to accommodate my recuperation.

here's a list of things that has changed, other than the bed:
- i now pee in a 1.5 soda bottle with the upper thirds cut off
- i am bathed by my mother (completely) which in many ways is very disturbing
- i have crutches to help me get around the house
- i practically own the living room, i pretty much boss people around and i do almost anything that i want (as if this wasn't the case before. hahahaha!)
- i live vicariously through my cellphone and the desktop
- i can't get out of the house

so as for now (as i keep dozing off trying to finish this blog) i'll try to think of something a bit more exciting to write as i am stuck here at home. hehehehe! productive, ain't i?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

aaawww... friend...it is exciting... your blog i mean.. haha. miss you! wish I could be there to watch I mean help you out.. take care dude... soda bottle?