Thursday, May 07, 2009

nurses, do you have spare time on your hands?

feu batchmates, nurses who doesn't have anything to do as of now? (yung tipong tambay lang kayo as of late)

what the hell for:
i'm thinking of shooting a very short feature film about us, the nurses. fresh graduate in a very competitive industry in a poorly paying profession, in a economically dismal country.

i would like for people (most specifically the government and the parents) to hear our views on how it is like to be a professional nurse in our current situation. with our personal problems, as well as our problems as branch of the health care setting. i want our voices to be heard, with whatever point of view we want to say.

what i need:
- someone (preferably just a handful of people just to make sure that different points of view are tackled but not too much people to 'cause a riot) to help me build a short script
- people with video cameras and know hows on video stuff ('cause i have no idea on how filming should go)
- people who would like to act (if the people who help with the script would like to act then well and good!)

the reason why i came up with this:
truth be told, i'm dead bored!

if you're interested just message me in whatever social networking site i uploaded this blog (friendster, multiply, facebook, blogger, etc.)

i'm not particularly positive that people would actually get back to me with this, but i am hopeful. it's a good idea, and it might end up being good. so give it a thought!

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