Sunday, May 17, 2009

of random thoughts that wander

how far can your brain take you when you start imagining things? is there a border in thinking up things that don't exist?

how long before "the day after tomorrow" becomes today?

i want to learn sky diving, deep sea diving, and archery like right this moment!

ebi tempura is like the best comfort food ever!

i can sing and act great in theater, but i've recently realized that i would never be a solo artist bankable for the music industry. hahaha!

darn, i need a digital drawing pad for my designs. like i so desperately need it.

have you noticed, the world is taking on the task of being green and defending the beauty of mother nature! this is the only earth we have, get on with it! fight for your home! live green!

i really want to read the divine comedy of dante. can anyone lend me one of the three books? please! >.<

hurray to supernatural, heroes, grey's anatomy, brothers and sisters, and one tree hill

how come only our rock bands can write wonderful music? also, why can't we appreciate our own artists for softer genres (like acoustic or pop) who write their own music like julianne, isya, sinosikat etc.

facebook and torrent, my boredeom saviour.

i really love the ellen degeneres show!

hmm... i suddenly ran out of thoughts to write down hahaha!

this is an ode to danny gokey (even if people didn't see how great you were, and they all lined up behind adam. i'm still your biggest fan)

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