Tuesday, March 10, 2009

how to be happy (and yes, i am)

living life is very much a challenge. different people have their own problems to deal with that pretty much when you've got bills to pay, a rent and mouths to feed, no one could hardly spare time to think about their happiness, let alone other people's dilemmas.

people become detached. separated from the world despite technology's best efforts to keep us all connected. ironic, that with all our means, hardly anyone is "together".

so how do you live life then? are you able to bear with the fact that you merely exist?

as i'm writing this blog, i kept on trying to figure out ways on providing answers to these questions that i've just blurted out. but alas, to no avail. so how do you live with your worries at the side, not taking center stage and steering your everyday?

probably there isn't a magic formula for happiness. what if happiness isn't really what we think it should be? well the over-rated feeling of elation is the temporary state of happiness. contentment is the permanence that everyone is searching for.

you know what i think? see the good in things. my answer to finding solutions to your problems: be content.

(the cliche pretty much works, it won't hurt giving it a try.)

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