Thursday, March 12, 2009

the heat made me like this

pointless ravings in the afternoon

of koreanovelas and acoustic music, afternoons nowadays allow me time to rest. after the post noon half of my lecture, drained and bled to death by exams, being in front of my laptop is a welcome retreat from stress.

cure to the weary and is bested by need
for the poor and the unfortunate slave
an email for sweat, a comment for each nosebleed
a blog, and chat, indulging the crave

bruised from the heat with the attendance of a mcdonald's cheeseburger and a banana in my stomach, the continued tapping of fingers serve as refuge from the world of the mundane and unending tribulation. "a childish claim" it is said ray lamontagne, "you act so suprised to hear what you already know" is quite certain for we already are certain that to reach our goals, every step must be taken and every trial must be overcome. is it not idiocy to expect the boring to pass us like nothing? everything has a price, most of those are the comforts of life.

how do you make yourself useful then when your profession is a congestion of willing and able, equally compentent and aggressive? how do you make yourself known, how do you make a stand amongst the multitude? what of your dreams built on the foundation of your 4 years of exams, studies and sleepless nights?

and the point is, you ask?

i don't know either.

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