Saturday, March 07, 2009

death, life's change agent

Only recently did my good friend caress die from a tragic accident. Then just a month ago, my lola's brother, died from cancer. Now a pillar of Philippine music, Francis Magalona, the Free Man, the Master Rapper, has joined the Lord and left us all proud to have looked up to him and witness the legacy of his life.

Questions roll through my thoughts, as I see life trickle and fail slowly right in front of me. How do i cope? Will my life be as noticed, will i be as remembered? What happens now that they're gone?

Existentialism isn't really my cup of tea, but sometimes, life encompasses your soul that you think of things that would have never crossed you mind.

Spirituality, i now know, is as vital as the food on the plate. For as death drives through our street and takes lives into another stage, he leaves with us the catalyst for us to take our everyday and make it much more than existence but lives fully lived.

an ode to my coffee buddy, my lolo, and my kababayan!

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