Tuesday, February 17, 2009

on the road to

when you start out on a journey, you get that feeling of excitement and exhilaration that often comes with the anticipation of the unknown to come. yes, you might consider some of the cons of that long walk or that plane ride but you never really take your sweet time and waste on the 'what ifs'.

being human, you love to see the good things.

as i took on the life of being an adult, something that i longed for ever since high school (a mistake almost all young people make) i didn't think of the hardships i would have to face, not even a speck of it touched my thoughts. and as with anything and everything in life, good always came hand in hand with the bad.

yes i grew to love the independence of having your own time in your hands, praying for a miracle that time would stop so you could finish school work and therefore have time to spare for hanging out. yes i enjoyed the fact that i had money of my own to spend and make merry with. the freedom it projects is quite an illusion, a parody, irony, or contradiction, if you will.

looking back, i look at my haste to free myself from adolescence and mourn. i grieve for the time that could have been spent, not for wanting to become an adult and hating parental dependency but for actually living life as it came, every second of youthful joys and experiences. the road i traveled upon had quite a few misses but i must say that at the very least, some if not most of those choices were my own.

but now, having trekked passed my burdens, the cross i bore in becoming an adult, i pray that as i make more choices and wish for more things to come with every step that i take, that that 'some' of those decision in life that i shall make become 'all' so that when i take a step back from the hustle and bustle, i can sigh and say, 'that was my life'. the choice was mine to make and i chose.

now that i am on the road to becoming another part of myself, as i embark on the voyage of becoming a nurse, i hope and pray that i be blessed. graced with all the gifts that i have received in the past, (be it good or bumpy roads, a clear path or forks) and new gifts for me to be come resolute of my will to be. to be that person that i have often seen in my dreams. the man that i can say, have made his choices, as he walked on the pavement that led to a life that was righteous, unencumbered and fun.


as for the things that has happened to me these past 2 months.

fall out boy, patron seats!

beat that! wahaha!


star city with my friends!

haven't seen them in a while.


this video was something that me and my bestfriend made!


well i guess that's it. >.<

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