Sunday, July 06, 2008

with twigs and all

it's "nesting" week from july 8 to 12 (that's a tuesday to saturday) and it's gonna be the week of judgment for me and my co-trainees for the work we're applying for.

truthfully speaking, the job isn't that hard but keeping yourself together whenever calls come in, with all they keys to memorize and phrases to keep in mind and not to mention your confidence to control a caller when he/she is speaking way to fast for your fingers, but all in all, it is but a great experience.

i'm like picking at straws with how i would predict my future in this journey would be, but nonetheless i am hopeful. but being provided with great twigs in training by our trainer, i hope i could be up to the challenge of building the nest that they require of me.

pray guys that i get the job!

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