Thursday, July 03, 2008

update to the 7th

this is like a double whammy freaking out moment!

it's gonna be my sample calls tomorrow. and even though it's just a simulated call it's still something big 'cause it's gonna be monitored by a few trainers, including mine. Also, they'll throw situations on us so that it's gonna be mixed situation calls. Another thing, this would pretty much give us a preview on how things are gonna be for actual live calls. in a couple of days, it's gonna be my actual assessment with a live call. sh*t man! SH#T!

also, it's only a few days 'til the june board results come out. it keeps on popping into my nuggin' when it's most unexpected. i even had it bump my thoughts when i was in the shower singing just once. (music... "i did my best, but i guess my best wasn't good enough...) WTF!

ergo the "double whammy".
another thing, i haven't been able to concentrate on writing for my blogs and my story. i've had this idea on another story to write and it started out as an idea for a book, but i feel that it'll be too ambitious so what the hell. i'm gonna project it as something small for the mean time so i wouldn't get frustrated and disappointed that i don't get to finish it. i really want to write something already, 'cause i feel as though my creative juices are drying out because it hasn't been used lately.
then there's the application for an agency for nursing graduates to apply for jobs abroad. i haven't started completing the stuff i need for it and i haven't had the chance to contact the agency itself. darn, it's so hard to juggle time and commit time for that when you hardly have enough time for your leisure and sleep. 'cause i really need the leisure time, if not, i wouldn't be able to handle the stress the wanting to pass the training for this job is giving me.
all in all though, i'm ok. wahahaha! if you discount the things i wrote just now, physically, emotionally, and everthing "elsely", i'm great. so that's it for the updates on my life right now. i miss you friends (tol and bespren faraway, FSB, 7AT, tres tres, pentaberks, 809, bulacan buddies, chorale, and everyone else i forgot to mention.)

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