Saturday, July 12, 2008

sale, sign, stories and salary

for five grueling weeks, i've undergone training for a call center here in cubao. this was in hopes of being certified as an agent making sure to meet their standards through their constant assessment of my progress. the job's fairly easy when if taken in consideration as compared to other call center stints, but the catch is to get through training with a well polished grading sheet.

that was twenty five days of endless attentive listening, continuous typing, tedious and ungodly hours of traveling to cubao and stressing persistence is maintaining a certain standard so not to be kicked off the program. it was unnerving, disconcerting at times and mostly debilitating to be a constant watchdog of your own actions, nearly bordering to obsessive compulsiveness. as i said, the work is easy, the training is a killer.

i gave up two hundred hours of my post-graduate ass and sold it to the devil call the call center. the temptation of merely sitting and relaying a conversation for a very handsome compensation blinded me and caught my attention like no other matters of interest can. to put the truth out in the open, money not only is the driving force. it's also the driver, the wheel, the body, the engine and the tires. let's just say that money makes my world go round.

and with that all said and relayed. the actual point of all that was, I am now certified!

(unang trabaho, pumapalo ng bente-tres mil)
my mom and I had a dream of getting a book in fully booked that we've really longed for having, at least "I" longed to have. That was David Eddings' Polgara the Sorceress. So, after eating our two hours late lunch, she mentioned that she just remembered that she had a surprise for me. while an officemate of hers puffed the smoke from her cigarette, my mom continued to pester me that i should guess what her surprise for me was. of course, always being the impatient, i did not give in to her guessing game. i was never into those kinds of things where i was forced to wait for something that i knew would be given to me later on anyway. frustrating, i would say.

so to cut the story short, when we reached fully booked, i told her that because i had a backpack i needed to give it to the baggage counter. and while i was about to ask for my bag to be looked after, she said hi to the lady and said that she would be buying the book she placed for reservation. funny thing is, being that this was a book, most definitely, i immediately knew what the book is. Polgara the Sorceress.
i've been reading a book, borrowed by my mom, that she let me borrow since she knew that it would aid me in learning American Sign Language. so the book was lent to me by my mom and so far, i pretty much browse through it from time to time. currently i'm trying to get the standard phrases down. and i hope i'm making progress in everything else.
funny talaga ang "gay way" (aka as gateway) . but the highlight of this story is, me, being the hero of the country and all. nah, kidding. gist is, with all the people to be observed in gateway, as they walk along its floors and pass through each of its escalators, there's a roughly 30% chance of them being gay. the oddity came to present itself once again today when i saw two (heterosexually acting, ahem ahem old heterosexually actingg) men accompanied by two young (jock like, basketball playing type) guys with their suppressed affectation for the young men, dropping their rouge from time to time, as they couldn't help but rub parts of themselves all over the sport-wear clothed twenty somethings. odd, my golly how odd.

why sale you ask? well let's just say that it seemed as though an establishment here in "gay way" was on sale with the paper bags, quite evidently placed on the floor of figaro, that the jocks brought, which our waiter (a member of the happy federation) quite deliberately blurted out making sure that the four guys we we're laughing at doesn't have the faintest idea that they were giving us such joy.
so i guess that is what is up with me. peace to all.

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