Saturday, July 19, 2008

lamentation from college to work

not for the hardship life has been sharing, not even for the shit that you get to step on walking towards work. and most of the time, it's never for the unfair silliness that stumble upon your every motive and action. you can say that, you never get frustrated on being with all these. what gets you all worked up is the fact that despite all of the mishaps that you encounter, you still seem to make it up from your cheaply made mattress to bravely face the day of endless repetition.

what the hell am i talking about you ask? well, i'm just rather frustrated with my situation right now. i thought i managed to get through the BS of life when i finished college, but no. money gave truth to it's reputation, it is the root of all evil. at least it's the root of all my problems. and despite the fact that i'm working now, still it rears it's ugly head relentlessly. well, that's life for you.

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