Monday, December 10, 2007

wine me up

ever since i've been stacked up with work, i've had this nagging urge to drink up and lay-on bed doing what people usually do on a soft and comfortable matress.

and with much longing, different reasons for me to soak up keeps on dropping in. oh how sweet shall be the drink that soothes the ache and the loneliness.

but for now, comfort lies upon the embrace of the darkened living room. the silence that is broken only by the songs played on my headphones. forgetting not the light that shines from the monitor as i type this insignificant little ambiguity.

these are the things that seem to be popping into my head
1. if you drink plenty of water, you pee out plenty of piss
2. people who do voice-overs for radio ads speak so swiftly, it's like the words flow without any effort
3. laziness branches out from lack of interest
4. i get so horny during mornings
5. it's so frustrating knowing that i really can't retain any of the lyrics of songs my bandmates want me to sing
6. i'm not good at blogging. i sound so boring
7. start reviewing... june, june, june is nearing
8. my grammar still fails me, i need to work on it
9. damn this freakin' fly, bugging my lonesome blogging. (wapak!) death by hand.
10. how i wish i could sing like many of my idolized artists. their voices are so natural yet extraordinary.

i guess making lists would be my newest hobby. it's fun when you see the things that you've written down.

i would like to apologize to renan, 'cause i tried his style a bit for my background. for all his works, you can visit his blog or his multiply.

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