Sunday, December 16, 2007

of sweat and tears

it's been a tiring day. damn, i just got home and it's freakin 2am. i just came from a singing engagement in tagaytay, at the casino filipino and it wasn't as fun as i expected it to be.

yeah, some watched. yeah, some clapped. but most just continued with their pointless spending of money. the only salvation/inspiration was that i saw a hottie walk in front of the stage. whoo libido!

and what sucks more than the almost dreary performance was the trip back to manila. darn it, we came to the place riding a bus. why the hell were we all crammed into 2 freakin' vans? i know i'm flexible but the positions i got into just to get comfortable in between the almost 3hour travel were excrutiating. i'm making sure that this doesn't not go unnoticed, hell i'm gonna make myself heard by our director.
one thing more, i just had our first week in the community and one of our groupmates was an feu cheerdancer and i dared myself into joining a morning exercise. boy was that something that i would regret. and as if that was not enough torture (i guess because i wasn't feeling the fatigue consequent to the exercise) i also joined a basketball game with the men of our 2 joined groups.

damn, i can feel muscles i never knew existed.
which brings me to the "tears" part. a couple of my choralemates brought their partners with them to our performance in tagaytay. well i guess you know what follows that

listening to gavin degraw's version of jealous guy by john lennon

my list for the day: THINGS THAT WOULD HELP ME RELAX
1. a collection of DVDs of my favorite tv series
2. a great whole body massage
3. a red ribbon chocolate mousse cake
4. sex
5. a wonderful romantic date, then sex. hahaha!

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