Saturday, November 04, 2006

life with her

The Perfect Man
The Perfect Man
By Mark Rosman
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nobody wants to wind up being alone.

i guess living life with my mom isn't always the headache that i see it to be. the things that we've been through are proof enough that if needs be, we can slug it out.

ever since i could remember, i always hung out with her and had good times doing things we loved. i grew up surrounded by people and events that molded me into the boy i am today and hopefully will still shapen the man i am to become.

prrm (my mom's old office) days, when the adventures (well, atleast the ones that i could remember) began. i ran through the halls of its office as if it was my playground. excitement was sought out as if it were the treasure hidden as i searched it in every corner. my mom worked and i played. but the four corners were merely my playground, not my entire kingdom. my kitchen was either mcdonalds or jollibee, but my land covered everywhere that had a regional office of prrm. when my mom went to these places, i came with and had the time of my life meeting people, learning customs, eating strange food and making the best out of every second.

school was not the easiest hurdles that me and my mom had to go through, and it still isn't. but times were golden when i remember loving and hating the times when she gave me kisses when i aced her practice quizzes but had to forget that we did have a television. fun was the only goal for me as child, as is everyones, but my mom made sure that i made school a goal too. even so, i hope i'm not much of a disappointment now that i'm in college.

surviving life now isn't quite the ride that i expected back when i was very much a dreamer (for surely i have become less and less as the days pass, but i hope it never is completely stripped away from me). despite the troubles of living, we still manage to see it for its goodness. i remember a few years back, when we still had the means, we loved going to the movies. it gave us a temporary escape from our worried lives and gave us time to be ourselves with each other. being that my mom is separated, i guess i'm the only one that she's got (not that i'm raising my ego to some level of self-importance). but as it is now, even though i know that life has yet to show was it has in store for me, i guess my mom is all i have too.

she's had a lot of hardships to go through if i think of it deeply, and i could definitely say that most of it was for my betterment. unfair was a clear definition of how times has been with her but she's a fighter, and she keeps on with those punches. boyfriends, tough jobs, financial dominoes that keep falling down and the face that i still am getting my education, damn. that on its own can surely kill a person.

i just really wanted to give my mom her due. and yes, clich├ęs aside, i really love her.

and yes, nobody really wants to be alone. and i hope she doesn't.


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