Thursday, November 02, 2006

on and off

things have been really on and off lately.

i mean, on because i'm looking forward to a lot of changes that would headstart my coming semester. first, the fact that me and my chorale/nursing colleagues are finally all classmates which i think is really cool. next is that the chorale has a lot of performances ahead and there might be a concert coming up. and then there's me and my mom finally moving out of this fine but rented house with wretched landlords. and the thing that makes me all giddy is that i get to interior design our entire living space, from the sala to the rooms that we're staying in. also, i have projects to draw for them to be hung around the house.

off in a sense that it's really tiring to pack things, keeping memories inside boxes and saying farewell to some that are needed to be sold. scary 'cause i have no idea how the arrangement of us and my choralemates being in the same class and in the same group had in store for me. the good life is about to be put to a temporary rest as the semester enters, so i need to be on guard for what is to come. and as i would always expect that would mean no money, no sleep and not much leisure. all that is left is work. but i guess that's not too bad if it's the future that i am to think of.

so i guess this is where i'll cut this off for the mean time 'cause i need to help my mom fix the food we're to eat tonight 'cause finally my grandaunt is no longer with us. this is news that is like oxygen, what is good to me also kills me slowly. oh well...


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