Monday, January 07, 2013

2013 Wishlist

2012 was quite a year for me. So many good things that came my way that it was totally worth suffering through the rough times. Experiences that opened so much doors, and helped me learn a lot of things. So here I am, a survivor of yet another doomsday prediction, wishing for more from life. Here is my top 5.

1. More time for my blog

Okay, yes, this is mostly my fault. I've been focusing too much on the attempt to have a love life for the first quarter of last year and on work for the later part of the year that I've completely ignored my blog. I love writing, grammar missteps and all. And blogging has played a very big part for cementing my social circles, that at the very least I need to maintain it just to show my appreciation for it.

But where to start? 

2. Travel

I really want to get out of the city more. Swing in a hammock with my Babe. A good 2-day R and R is enough to revitalize anyone. Need I say more?

3. Learn more!

I took it upon myself to break through my financial worries last year and took a head-first nose-dive into investing for education. Any kind of new stuff that I could learn, that's what I want. I'm aiming for the following:
  • Arnis - Smack someone, baby
  • French - I'm cursing you, yet it sounds so beautiful
  • Filipino Sign Language - Time to switch from ASL to FSL
  • Photography Photoshop editing - I'm going to edit my pockmarks away
  • Hip-hop/Modern dancing - Shake that moneymaker
  • Shorthand writing - I think it's beautiful, and pretty
  • Acting workshops - Because I had so much fun with Creative Musical Theater with PETA

And the list goes on!

4. Part-time jobs, more please

I write. I create posters. I give lectures. I'll try anything and see if I can grow with it. I just like being busy and getting paid for it.

5. Masters, baby. Masters!

I've been applying for different scholarships and hopefully one pushes through. Anything involving social media and social development, I'm there. This will be the first step in reaching my dream of getting a PhD before I reach 30. I'm going to get it, trust me, I will.

Preparing my self for these things since last year. I pray that they happen!

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