Thursday, October 18, 2012

Whine and beer

I'm starting to get really acquainted with stress-filled days and seemingly endless episodes of tachycardia. Yes, this dance that I do for my work makes for a very wonderful afternoon television soap. With shifting characters that plot against my happily ever after, mostly consisting of people from work, I tirelessly fight to live through each day.

I really don't want to complain. I find it idiotic that I have time to whine, to begin with. When everyone else struggle to have a decent paying job, here I am, ranting.

But I can't find any outlet other than voicing it out. I guess my oral fixation is showing. I've been trying to find other means of relieving myself of stress, mind you, but most of them involve a lot of money or too much of my time.

I do get lucky once in a while. Saving up enough money to watch plays, musicals and movies, is enough to take my mind off of things. One big break for me though is that I got to apply for a workshop in PETA. Yey for Workshop Weekends! That's one small step towards my dream of acting on stage. I think beer finds its way into my hang-out evenings when I least expect it.

But mostly planning. It's all about chasing after every dream and every sunset. There shouldn't be any room for complaints from me, but I choose to let of some steam once in a while.

This is a quick hello for my blog since I've been swallowed whole by adulthood. Responsibilities are such a bore.

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Mmmwah! :)-ate sky