Thursday, December 01, 2011

World AIDS Day Philippines!

With the global celebration of World AIDS Day, I have been involved with a few events of both our office and our partner organizations in campaigning for social awareness about HIV and AIDS.

First of these activities was Pulses: A play inspired by people living with HIV. It was quite a success! I cried, again.

Next, I've been very privileged to join in the campaign photoshoots of The Love Yourself Project , Yoga For Life and Project Headshots Clinic: Commit 2011.

Narcissistic photos, thank you very much.

I've also asked my friend to make a blogpost, posted December 1, 2011, about his perception of HIV and AIDS in our country. John Leviste-Ebora, also known as JuanRepublic ( is a blogger of Philippine social and political issues and here's a quote of what he wrote.
In today’s world where sex can be as casual as a fist bump, various ways and movements to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS have sprung up. Safe sex, condom,protection, you name it. 
Safety. It’s as if it is stupid to go on a joust with another knight without your armor, it is also stupid to have sex without, er, protection.  
Though some of the ways, beliefs and advocacy challenge my personal beliefs (and faith, if you may permit), I believe that we can all agree on a common ground wherein our similarities will help us fight together for a good cause: 
Awareness. Education. Understanding. Empathy.
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Cebu Plus, a support group from our Visayan brothers, also held a benefit concert entitled Red Fusion featuring Christian Baustista as their lead guest artist.

Another partner of our office, Task Force Pride Philippines held their Pride March last December 3 integrating the need for HIV and AIDS awareness. Here's their video trailer of the event.

The Red Whistle campaign also has The Red Revolution: Channel [v] Philippines Music Festival 2011 with the main theme "Find out how you can be the cure" sporting awesome bands at Metrowalk on December 9.

As for my office, we'll be having a forum on HIV and AIDS for the youth on December 9, 2011 at University of Makati with a Sky Lantern ceremony as the sun sets.

The entire HIV and AIDS community has so much to thank with the great welcome given by everyone, and for those who are reading this and has participated in one of those above mentioned or is about to join the upcoming ones, thank you. A lot of love from me, to you all.

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