Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Beyond Work

I've always ranted how stressful coordinating events are, but I've stuck to it 'cause it wasn't always such a busy life for me at the office. Often, I enjoy what I do 'cause I get to express my creativity (if I do have any) and pursue my interests with the other things I get to do.

One of the those "other" things I love doing is attending events. Because of the huge network that the HIV and AIDS campaign has, I've met new friends and made new connections that would later on be my partners for events or activities that I plan to do for my work. So in the mean time, I enjoy the time that I spend with them. Here are a few of those events.

Yoga For Life Photoshoot

Black Party Manila 2011

Day of 7 Billion

There are a lot of things that come my way because of my advocacy. It's pretty fun actually, except for the occasional headache of dealing with doctors who feel like I owe them to be their slaves when it comes to booking them flights.

If you want in on the fun and volunteer spread HIV and AIDS awareness, visit our office, get tested and find out how you can help.


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