Friday, September 16, 2011

Reebok's ReeTone

It's not just about awareness, really. People, with or without HIV, would still need to keep themselves fit and healthy to fully live out their lives.

After joining Yoga For Life and practicing yoga and trying to find inner-peace in this very busy life I'm living, I've found that there are certain steps one should take to try and achieve this goal. Equipments, paraphernalia, stuff. Yeah, then I got invited to preview a new athletic line (clothing and footwear) by Reebok.

The new Reetone line of Reebok features their innovations in helping out the athlete in everyone. Their EasyTone for style and a breathable footwear, TrainTone for the versatility of a wide range of exercise practices and RunTone with features six balance pods that is perfect for the high performance training.

They had a blogger's preview night at Wicked Kitchen held by FTW Magazine and introduced to us the upcoming line and it's features. It was quite a fun filled night with all their games and freebies for us.

The next day, they had their public event at Trinoma Activity Center featuring their products modeled by some of the most active and independent women today, including my friend Ana Santos of Sex and Sensibilities (nice one Ana) along side their official celebrity endorser, Nikki Gil.

Hi Ana! There you go, Red Whistle

It was quite an event with all the dancing they did.

To find out more about their products, drop by your nearest Reebok store and find those things that you would need to pursue that healthier lifestyle you dream of.

Thanks to all these people, please visit their pages at:

Wicked Kitchen:
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