Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Red Whistle

With the continuous climb of HIV cases in our country, I find that there is a dire need for us within the internet community to start banding with our brothers and sisters within the advocacy in the fight against the virus and AIDS related deaths.

One such group of people to take upon this challenge is the Take The Test Project. They are a group who facilitates means to make HIV testing "closer to the community". Now they have started an ingenious new campaign to help ward of the hush hush taboo which is the topic of HIV and AIDS, The Red Whistle campaign.

And to quote from their Facebook page description...

"The Red Whistle aims to empower and inspire people to come together and help each other in this battle against HIV and AIDS. We hope to engage individuals and groups to HELP sound the alarm in their respective communities that HIV is here and it must be stopped."

With the simple red whistle, which is both light and attractive, this means of propaganda is as adroitly thought of as one would expect from a group of advocates which are a mixture of artists and HIV young forerunners like Niccolo Cosme. A significant yet surprisingly fashionable trinket to help push for awareness.

To learn more about their campaign and where to get your own Red Whistle, visit their Facebook page at this link.

Do your part. Get involved. Stop the spread of HIV and AIDS.

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