Monday, May 09, 2011

Voluntary Counseling and Testing: Why is it important?

Here’s the thing. Knowledge.

According to Oxford Online Dictionary, Knowledge is awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation. At least that’s one of their 3 primary definitions.

If taken in that context, the pursuit of getting tested is vital for us to function daily without fear of uncertainty with the help of being aware that we are HIV positive. It’s as simple as that. Life would be better walking around the world knowing what your status is, how to run your life, and knowing the limitations which would allow you to live a longer life.

Take these points for example.


  • If ever you get a positive result, knowing allows to plan ahead. Taking the necessary steps to keep your body healthy, knowing the amenities available for people living with HIV, getting hold of the services and medication that are free, amongst other things.

Stopping the spread

  • You don’t need to isolate yourself. Yes, depression comes and there’ll be one point in that frame of time where you’d feel as if the world holds no joy for you any longer, but it’ll pass. Helping people understand the disease by living your life normally, would stop the spread of wrong information and myths regarding HIV. You deserve to be happy.
  • SEX. What about sex? Yes, you can do it. BUT, learn the important stuff.USE PROTECTION.
  • Encourage people to take the test as well. It’s your choice if you want people to know, but disclosure isn’t necessary to help people take the same step you did. Stopping the spread of fear will help our goal of ridding the world of this disease.

Peace of mind

  • Would that even be possible, you ask? Not at the start. It’ll definitely change your world. But knowing, whether negative or positive, gives you a sense of freedom from the fear of not knowing. It’s liberating, I tell you.

Knowledge. It’s all about being aware. Knowing what is and what can be and how to go about it.

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