Monday, March 15, 2010

this me now

this me now

it's been a while since i last blogged. i missed it. i hope in time, i
get around to updating my blog. i've neglected it for far too long
because of my tumblr, twitter, and facebook accounts.

so what's new with me?

i guess not much. i'm still a volunteer nurse. i'm getting used to the
work and it is gratifying actually, knowing that i get to help people
get better.

also i've found a new set of wonderful friends and they happen to be
the people i hang out often with these days. it's a happy at the same
time saddening thing 'cause all the time i spend with my new found
buddies is the time i don't spend with my old barkada. i miss my
college friends too.

with my mom out of the country, i'm back to being the one responsible
for the stuff that needs to be attended to here at home. that's why
i'm always out and about (mind you, i don't spend too much) so that i
have an escape from reality.

i guess that is it then. i don't have anything much to add. i just
missed my blog.

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Astig no?

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