Saturday, October 11, 2008

seeing things in which way

it's a different feeling, having to go through five days of work, taking calls, enduring the endless mediocrity of being on the receiving end of a nation's people's stupidity. working, tough love.

actually life is better now. in terms of financial, well we might still be living the isang kahig isang tuka life but at least we're not borrowing ravenously from others due to the need to pay this and that. i get to ask my mom for things that i never would have even bothered asking for before. shitty thing though is that i give all my salary to my mom. it's not that she's asking for it, i just give it on my own 'cause the family needs it (i'm a big loser, i know, so sue me). but at the very least we're getting by.

but the biggest draw back of being fresh out of the halls of education is that i desperately miss my classmates. it was okay then being one of the poorest in the class, because i had my friends to make me forget and enjoy life's greatest pleasures (ahem ahem). pathetic as it is, i am very much clingy to my friends. it's as if they're the only beacon of light that would provide me with the happiness that i seek. wow, symptoms of the psychiatric disorder - being a dependent. haha but getting to the point, i really miss my friends and that's the problem.

so it's a stalemate between the pros and cons of being a novice in the adult world. life is better and worse than before so how in the world am i to cope?


Jamie Ruth said...

You know how you cope? You go to sleep, you wake up, you do your thing. You trudge through each and every day, until it gets to the point where it's bearable or your situation has gotten better.

There's no other way to it.

angelo R.N. said...

yeah i guess so. but isn't that a bit depressing when you think about it?