Saturday, October 18, 2008

making dreams, reality

i'm fighting for a dream and i know that i'll get it someday.

what the hell is that supposed to mean, some of you might say. well it's the dream of getting out of this rut that i live in now. it's not bad but i know that there's something more. and even if life and circumstance is against me, i know in my heart that i can do something about it. that's why i was given this hell of an optimistic mojo. i know i can. i long for a difference and i'll do what i can to make sure i can the chance for it.


i'm currently trying out my new found business idea. my "custom shirt" stint. it's actually a long shot of booming but it's ok, the only reason that i want to do it is for me to have something to pour my creative juices on, rather than it just to be kept bottled up inside of me, wasting away.

with my handy dandy tools and a shirt that they would give, i'm good to go. but the drawback to this whole idea though is me not having the slightest clue on how much i should charge per shirt. they're the one who will provide for the shirt in the first place so i don't have the guts to charge them anymore for my design. yes, i know what the difference is but i just don't have enough courage to ask for the fee.

hell, they're the only one in the world who's gonna have a shirt like that when i'm done with it.

but i know that it's too good a gig to pass up, so i'm pretty sure this'll happen really soon. let's just hope my efforts for this would be quite worth it, which i know would be because the opportunity to make something and see other's appreciate it is quite a rush.

the hunt

i've been on the roll lately for finding any means for me to work abroad as a nurse. i've thought of a lot of possibilities and my mom has her own as well. and every since i became i nurse (which by god, i will be under practice soon) we have been going through every single contact that we had and thought of how he or she would be able to pave my way out of the pit called as the philippines (but i do love my county, mind you)

and in these past few days, we've really had long talks, my mom and i, on what ways i would be able to leave the country. and within these days, opportunities presented themselves and i grabbed on to the like the fist of a baby (palmar/gripping reflex)

so far, everthings a bust but all is not lost for me. i believe that if i do things right, i would be able to find something that suits me and that would really get me on a plane out of here.

reel magic

now with that subtitle, i think it's quite self-explanatory. i've been playing with the idea of video making for quite sometime now, to be quite accurate it was ever since college days. it was just a fantasy, a wish, at first but now that i have the means (with having work and all) i think that dream might be just a few months away.

i've been watching great stuff in youtube that made me very inspired, so inspired that i wanted to make one of my own. those great wonderful after effects laden videos. you wouldn't believe the things anyone can do nowadays with just a single video editing program. it's so amazing that sometimes i have to control myself because of the great urge to start trying to make one immediately, which is next to impossible given my situation.

when you dream big, you might as well dream big, they say but i know in time, this dream of me making a short few minute film will become "reel". i just know it. patience and hardwork is all i need.

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