Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time to shine

Time to shine

Chester, Michael, Ezekiel and I attended a press conference on the
passing of the administrative order to eliminate the use of mercury
within the hospital setting of the Philippines.

What made extra special for us was the fact that we were there as
nurses, and what a fulfilling feeling it was. We were to hold and
present the alternative instruments/ways in temperature taking. And
what made it cooler was that there was a swarm of photographers and
they were taking pictures of us for different newspapers in the
country. I'm gonna see my face on print (well I hope).

And to top it all of, we had our picture taken with PNA president, Dr.
Leah Paquiz. It was a faboulous end to the afternoon. And ofcourse, we
were fed as well.

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Astig no?

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