Tuesday, July 01, 2008

what if i had...

the dreamy wishlist (the realistic list)

1. a SLR camera

*i would pretty much fill my "ogle me will you?" blog with everything i see. and i can store my own stock photos for my photo-editing stuff. i can also take photos of everyone i meet.

2. a digital video camera

*i'd be able to make all of those short films that i've wanted to make. i could also experiment with all the graphic manipulation i see in youtube. also, i can upload my own music video, darn i've been wanting to do that for ages. argh, the possibilities!

3. an ipod

*i'd be able to go to the gym without having to listen to all the crappy sh*t i hear from what ever is booming off their radios. and i wouldn't look stupid whenever i sing to myself either.

4. P1000 right now

*i'd watch a movie marathon. if possible though, i would rather treat my barkada to a movie and watch with them and hangout afterwards. that would be ultimate joy.

5. a psp

*i'd be able to pass the time quite enjoyably but i don't think i'm gonna buy that. 'cause i would end up being a bum if ever i do.

6. a silkscreen and an artist's knife

*i'd be able to continue my shirt making gig, i can add up a little this in that to my handmade designs. that would be effin' cool!

7. a little more choice for clothing

*i'd be able to express my self better without having to endure wearing the same sets of clothes despite my best effort to mix and match. fact still remain, they are the same clothes.

8. great burger patties

*i'd start doing my favorite burger. yeah, i make a mean burger!

9. a faster internet connection

*i'd be able finish my favorite series in a jiffy. that goes for the movies as well.

10. more drive in polishing my talents

*the gosh darn, i would pretty much be quite famous right now. it sucks to be a jack of all trades. mastering none of the talents you have.

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