Thursday, June 05, 2008

that we of which we do not mention

you don't often think about it because more often than not, it catches you off guard and you've got yourself far to deep, you realize too late and there's nothing you can freakin' do about it. it's that contagious disease, that inevitable happening when life gets stale, the state of mind which is the color between white and black.

it is unknown to the victim up until the time where you're choking up inside. it is most feared and is dreaded. it is the malicious predator of those who procrastinate and even those who are unwillingly stuck doing nothing. it is the unwanted.

it is boredeom
oh lo... i've got the post-graduation itch. even though i'm working towards finding myself work, i've ended up with nothing to do for the last couple of days. i freakin' realized only now that i've got nothing to do but stare at the walls of our dreary house if i don't find something productive to do. and another dilemma is that i don't have any money. so this state of being sucks. i can't even visit my girlfriend 'cause i don't have money to go to where she lives.

but through i all, i will not let myself get beaten by this menace! i will prevail!
pray for my board exam results!

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