Monday, May 05, 2008

all i do is stare

here now at gateway again, passing the time 'cause it's definitely gonna hot as hell at home. i'm trying to find something to do but with only P160 in my wallet, something to do is something that would need a good amount of money. sucks to be me right now.

i'm currently trying to get the strength and will to study but i'm shooting blanks. all i end up doing is staring once more at people who pass by. i love this habit, it's so cool.

speaking of this habit. gateway is such a conducive place for one to observe how people are. like now, all i do is type and stare. wahahaha! i am such a weirdo. anyway, i'll be blogging again some other time. i'm just gonna start on my gift for nicay. :D


Mel said...

ay sorry, thinking about the idiom "shooting blanks" actually made me laugh... iba kasi ang ibig sabihin sa akin nun, haha!

anyway, comment ko na rin sa most recent post mo, happy happy sa inyong dalawa! expect hurdles along the way so keep on jumping :D

angelo said...

ay sinabi mo... kaka isang buwan palang ang dami na naming "fans" hehehe! sikat kasi ako tol eh... wahaha

ikaw tol? kamusta na ang buhay buhay? hindi na ako nakakapagbasa eh. todo review kasi ako.


haha gets ko yung shooting blanks