Wednesday, January 09, 2008

did you ever wonder about

WARNING, adult ideas. so if you think you're too young... don't fool yourself. you might end up believe that you are, still young.


the truth about that morning wood.

i bet women are really wondering why guys are such sexually preoccuppied beings. well, that makes me one who wonders. truthfully speaking, that urge to get off is nothing really but a normal part of us. for example, guys sometimes wake up in the morning feeling this urge to rub it down there with no concrete reason as to why.

actually, and don't take my word for it, i guess males are built that way. we can't help but be animals when it comes to sex. it's just how the guys handle and contain it that makes the difference from a maniac and a gentleman.

as i see it. even gay men have such inclinations for the original sin and all activities that fall under its umbrella. ofcourse excluding those whom take hormone 'cause i'm sure they're pretty much more of a woman than they are a man anyway.

there's not much i can say about the topic. actually it just popped into my head. all i can share about this little taboo is that guys should learn to live and let live (no pun intended). be chivalrous and be knights of respect and honor. respect by not letting your drive get the best of you, and honor by living true to the fact that you have a mother and you can show her that you love her by giving honor to other women like your her. and as for women, i wish that you grant us patience and compassion. patience with the fact that we can't change how we're built. and compassion for you to help us realize how disgusting, schovanistic and unruly we are but in a way that it wouldn't hurt our ego (well if the guy deserves to be insulted, well by all means). 'cause i bet you know this already, a man's ego is his most precious treasure.

hahaha! i don't really know what got into me


my list for the day:
  1. buy the biggest burger i could find
  2. wear tons of clothes together in layers (and make sure that i become quite the looker)
  3. buy my first book
  4. pick up the first leaf that i could find
  5. find a respectable community theater group
  6. buy tons of cds
  7. ok ok ok, i'll work too
  8. then find another work that allows me to utilize my talents and skills
  9. attend concerts
  10. let my family know that i love them, even from afar.

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