Sunday, January 06, 2008

the coconuter

this guy is an inspiration to me. he really made me see that i should appreciate the things that i have. drop by his blog and watch these videos. thanks to wanderer for introducing him to me.

this was the email that i sent him. a rather good and helpful introspection for me.


i am a recently introduced reader to your blog. and first of all i would like to commend you for your self-discovery and the very fruitful life you have led as of now.

i am a filipino college student currently living in quezon city, metro manila and taking up nursing. i am sure you very well know why i mentioned the course that i am enrolled in. oh yes, i plan to be a philippine national export.

i am e-mailing you only probably to help myself vent out some of the frustrations in life that i long to have. as anyone could tell you, and even you have lived through, the philippines is a very impoverished country brought about by lots of different things that have happened and is currently happening to worsen it. i am one of the many who suffer this unfortunate filipino "tragedy", but not much so as others. i am still blessed, but still. therefore i made a choice to forgo my aspirations for the arts and dive into the medical field and the degree that is most "in demand". i sing, act, dance, write, draw, paint, take pictures, do graphic design and almost anything that would help me give flight to my overly eager imagination and emotion. i am willing to bet that you see why i am very sad that i am not able to live the life i know that would bring out the best in me.

truth of the matter is, i myself am not sure exactly why i opted to mail you. the best that i could think of is the fact that you led the life that i would have wanted, have been given the opportunity that i would have been the best in (as you have), but you still chose to live the simple life. a life as to which i do not wish to be in. selfish and materialistic is what i often times describe myself with all of the things that i slave my self to achieve just to live a life much more fruitful than what i have i wish i could bravely face the life that you chose to live in. but i doubt that i would once i get my "american dream". it's hard to have my single parent mom live through once more the hardships that we are currently facing now.

anyway, i know that you have much better things to do than read an ambivalent man's frustrations. so i leave you here with my fullest appreciation. i believe in your ideals but the courage is not in me to join your journey. my prayers are with your two sons, your farm animals, your pets living and departed, your relatives, your wife and to you. may you continue to be an eye-opener if not an inspiration for others like me who are tired of life yet struggle to live through it for the sake of family and love.

thank you.

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