Saturday, December 22, 2007

about to go to sleep

things that i've done recently
placed 1st runner up with my choirmates in a christmas carolling competition
played pointlessly with my ragnarok offline game
played *nasty* hehe!
listened to daughtry endlessly

done loads and loads of hanky and shirt designs for our community fundraising campaign
thought of doing nothing to relieve my boredom! haha go procrastination!
idolized some of my cousin's and my online friend's artworks! and i also surfed a bit and got even more frustrated 'cause it's slowly sinking in that i'm not even up to a fraction of their talent.
list for the day:

favorite computer games random order
1. warcraft3 dota-allstars
2. civilization games
3. ragnarok
4. x-men rise of the apocalypse
5. tetris
6. super mario brothers 4
7. world of warcraft (even though i haven't had the chance to play this yet)
8. pokemon
9. magic the gathering - battlegrounds
10. capitalism
damn, i really wanna be a singer like chris daughtry. i'm so jealous of his voice. lol! so damn green with envy! :P

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