Saturday, November 10, 2007

the stone

i've pissed my kidney stone out.

the whole day suffering its movement around my urinary bladder and urethra was like hell making itself felt. the sh*tter looks like a small sampaloc candy, light brown (sort of looks like it was coated with brown sugar) and it was very rough, with granules covering it entirely.

good thing i have it out, but the cruel thing about life is, i think there are still more of these small sh*ts in me. 'cause according to my ultrasound, i've got lots of millimeter big formations so that means more pain in the future. i hope we get the money to have them medicated off my body.


also, that stone was the center of attention last night and early this morning. we were up all night doing our nursing care process and it seemed as though we were trying to pull out all our gray matter 'cause we were so sleepy yet we had to finish the work. the funny thing about it also was the fact that we only had one pc to work on, so the rest of us kept on dozing off for lack of anything to do.

the report went ok, but we still had a lot to change so i guess its more work again this coming week.


i've publicized my designs gig among my classmates so i guess i'd be very busy soon. i need this so that i have spending money which inturn would lessen the need for me to ask from my mom. the freakin' tuition fee is P66,+++ so its something like a one way trip to suicide for her, and i'd like to help out.

i'll try to publish pictures as soon as i can.



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Ria said...

Oooh maybe you gotta drink lots of water for those kidney stones. Hope you get better soon.