Wednesday, May 16, 2007

my stupid mouth

has got me in trouble... i said too much again.

that song has been ringing in my ears ever since i got a good friend of mine to be really pissed off at me. kasi ganito yun. I was talking with him for quite a while na, tapos we got to the topic of music. eh he asked me if i knew this particular song. he started singing and the face he made while he started singing was really really funny. i didn't get to tell him to stop making faces while he was singing, edi i started laughing. at first he didn't notice. but when he sang it again (cause i didn't get to hear it, i was too concentrated on holding back fits due to my laughter) i really couldn't help myself. when he was halfway through his encore song, i really laughed out loud.

damn, big mistake.

i think he really got mad and he left.

ang tanga-tanga ko talaga 'cause he was a very good friend na you can really talk to. kahit na madalas kaming magkulitan, eh seryosong kausap yan. and our friendship was just in its infancy, we weren't friends that long. now i think he's still pissed and i don't know what to do. that's why i'm stuck with the hope that he'll talk to me again 'cause i don't have the guts to bug him. and yes, i did say sorry... a lot. which i shouldn't bicker about 'cause it was my fault.


i told lani (a very close friend of mine) a secret that only a handful of people know. i slippped. what stupidity. but good thing it was lani. i didn't mind that i told her anyway 'cause i know she's a trust worthy person.

but still, stupid!


lancepv said...

thats ok gelo.. we can be secret buddies! ahahahha. loved the fries and onion rings bonding :)

angelo said...

funny talaga. i enjoyed it!