Monday, January 22, 2007

yeah, just s*ck it up!

how are things supposed to turn out are simply out of my grasp...

i've been to the gym at around 3pm and i just got home. i took a quick shower, tinkered around my friendster and hotmail and now i've got nothing to do. earlier today, and i mean 5am early, we went to paraƱaque to sing for the grave of our school's founder and then went back to the university at around 10am to sing for a mass and the blessing of his statue adorning the center of the campus. it's been a very slow day 'cause i'm quite used to these kinds of activities and it tends to be a little monotonuos.

me and my mom's relationship is currently on thin ice and she's really kicking the floor down and she does things that really... umf! NGRRR!!!

anyway, i hope things turn out well.

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