Monday, September 25, 2006

talk about being tired

so let's talk about being tired.
it's been 3 straight days where i only had an hour or two of sleep.
let's have an exchange about deadlines.
i have an article that i need to pass this week, which i haven't even started on yet. and the thing is, i can't find the draft.
i haven't fixed my clean clothes into the cabinet yet, my mom will gut me open for this.
i have to read on a report for wednesday
let's get our heads into events.
my chorale will have it's paco park event this friday, and i wont be able to attend tonights practice.
let me dwell into boredom.
i'm so out of it, that i can't find myself as i look for me in this computer, in the tv screen, in the sluggish afternoon.
why don't we just say good riddance (edited, kasi nga naman baka sabihin nila feeling kano ako, hehehe. thanks mich!)
i have just forgoed precious time for sleep, and i say "to heck with it!"

let me jam myself into a good bye line...

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