Sunday, July 30, 2006


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By Stonefree

grabe ang saya ng mga araw ng duty!

i've been having lot's of fun in sta. clara de montefalco hospital because of all the the things i was able to do. i've assisted in cleaning the fecal refuse of a geriatric patient i was assigned to. man, i was even assigned in the ICU of the hospital. and to think i'm just a third year student.

i wish i would never have to leave that place 'cause i definitely learned a lot after only a couple of days there.

i'm off now to my cousin's place 'cause i need to have some of my baby pictures scanned and transferred into my USB.

what else? well i love stonefree! i'm an absolute fanatic.

when would i go back to UPIS for a visit?

why does my ear keep on icthing?

why do i always have runny nose every morning?

so many questions...


i miss my friends (lani, toni, michi, mamasang, mariel, shoulder, arvin, kenneth, jaime, dale, camille, willard, nelson... wow! ang dami!)

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