Tuesday, July 25, 2006

bored, yet again

Mr. A-Z
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Mr. A-Z
By Jason Mraz
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i'm stuck here at home right now. nothing to do.

i've been neglecting my books lately, the reason... pure laziness.

my former classmate just texted me asking advice about her relationship with her boyfriend. i gave a fairly good advice given that i haven't been in a relationship myself. let's just say that it's an advice that was applicable even with friends. funny thing is i wonder why she thinks i could give her advice, or probably she was asking everyone she knows.


i'm feeling bad right now. my head is excavating for something and i am now left to suffer the effects of their digging. the pain is killing me. not to mention the akward warmth and the ever present runny nose and sneezing.

i hate being sickly!

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